Pinewood Moon Shadow


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Pinewood Moon Shadow
Seedling-309-9 – 31″, 6.0″, M, Dormant, Tetraploid, 3 branches, 21 buds, fragrant
Spirit of Hope x (Ancient Royalty x Briar Patch)

Pinewood Moon Shadow is a clear purple with wide white edge.  The round flower form gave us the name.  The flowers have a lavender watermark that shows up on the edge.  Around the lavender edge is a wide white edge making a nice contrast with the dark purple petal color.  Flowers open well and are consistently blemish free.  We made a good amount of seeds with Pinewood Moon Shadow this year and would expect a wide range of lovely seedlings.  The parentage features red, lavender, and purple flowers with white edges and teeth.  When we first started hybridizing, one of our goals was purples with white edges.  We could not have imagined a flower like this with large round petals and a big white ruffled edge all on a northern hardy dormant plant.  We are excited and pleased our hard work has resulted in being able to share a beautiful flower with daylily growers.

PW Moon Shadow

Pinewood Moon Shadow



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