Pinewood Mirror Lake


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Pinewood Mirror Lake
Seedling-423-2 – 30″, 5.5″, EM, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 22 buds, fragrant

((August Wedding x Destined to See) x Spring of Living Water) x  ((T. Lavender Blue Baby x Destined to See) x Spring of Living Water) x ((Grace Like Rain x T. Lavender Blue Baby) x Cerulean Warbler)

We have worked hard to produce blue-eyed cultivars that are large flowered and dormant.  As you can see from the complex parentage, we have been working on these crosses for many years.  Pinewood Mirror Lake is outstanding because it combines beautifully clear colors, dormant and hardy plant habit, large flower size, and good pod and pollen fertility.  The scapes have good bud count ensuring a long bloom season.  The fancy flower has a blue-lavender eye and matching edge.  The edge is surrounded by a fine gold edge.  Pinewood Mirror Lake has proven itself to be a fabulous breeder for lavender/blue eyes with wide lavender/blue edges.

PW Mirror Lake2

Pinewood Mirror Lake



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