Blushing Ballerina


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Blushing Ballerina
Seedling-361-2 – 30″, 5.75″, M, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 24 buds, fragrant
(Pinewood Easter Morning x Blown Away) x (Tower of Refuge x Fringy)

Blushing Ballerina combines the genetics from some of our best pink daylilies.  The result is a very round flower with 3.5″ wide petals, wide blunt sepals, and a great pink color.  The heavily ruffled gold edge completes the flower.  To make the flower complete, Blushing Ballerina also features a well budded scape, good fertility, and fragrance.  Blushing Ballerina is a great all around performer and one of the best pink flowers we have introduced.


Blushing Ballerina


Blushing Ballerina


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