Solomon’s Bride


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Solomon’s Bride
Seedling-292-1 – 22″, 6.5″, M, Dormant, Tetraploid, 3 branches, 15 buds, fragrant
(August Wedding x Michael Miller) x King Solomon’s Treasure

We purchased the pollen parent (King Solomon’s Treasure) for it’s genetics and large size.  It was quite evergreen and was not a great performer in the garden.  However, when crossed into our dormant August Wedding line, we kept the large size and beauty while adding northern hardiness.  This stunning near white self has 4 inch wide petals and huge ruffles.  Without a hint of gold edge, this Solomon’s Bride stands out for its clean color.  Despite the large ruffles, Solomon’s Bride is an excellent opener.  It is fertile both ways and we look forward to seeing some great seedlings.

Solomon's Bride

Solomon’s Bride


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