Pinewood Green Flash


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Pinewood Green Flash
Seedling 306-13 – 32″, 5.75″, EM, Dormant, Diploid, 5 branches, 25 buds
Search for Green Pastures x Pinewood Lily Pad

Dark pink petals with burgundy band around large green throat, green sepals with pink blush.  Pinewood Green Flash is a fun flower with a variable form that always features a flat flower face and huge green throat.  With Kermit’s Scream as a grand parent, the flat flower face is always evident.  However, the well branched scape and high bud count are much improved over the parents.  Fertile both ways, pods are a little difficult.  Our first seedlings look great.

PW Green Flash3

Pinewood Green Flash clump


Pinewood Green Flash seedling – 602-6




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