Awaken the Dawn


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Awaken the Dawn
Seedling 392-1 – 33″, 6.0″, M, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 18 buds, fragrant
(((Belle Cook x Eternal Glory) x Pinewood Easter Morning) x (Gary Colby x ((Northern Splendor x Shores of Time) x Blown Away)))

I tend to photograph the most perfect flowers in the garden each day.  In 2017, I kept photographing Awaken the Dawn and my wife finally told me that was enough.  This flower has heavy texture and is very ruffled but opens well.   This results in consistently beautiful flowers.  The complex color, smooth texture, fragrance, and huge gold edge make this one of our finest pink cultivars we have introduced.   Not only a standout in the garden, Awaken the Dawn is fertile both ways and producing excellent seedlings.

Awaken the Dawn3

Awaken the Dawn

Awaken the Dawn5

Awaken the Dawn


Seedling 545-4 – Sunset Proposal x Awaken the Dawn


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