Big Yellow Doofus


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Big Yellow Doofus
Seedling 376-2 – 30″, 7.25″, EM, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 22 – 33 buds, fragrant
Manna from Heaven x The Midas Bite

Big Yellow Doofus was actually registered in 2016 (we wanted to make sure no one took the name) but we delayed introduction till we had adequate stock.  The bud count when registered was 22 but in the summer of 2017, we saw bud counts over 30 and many plants rebloomed giving us a bloom season of 2 months.  This summer, Big Yellow Doofus caught the eye of most garden visitors due to the large size and color.  The clear lemon yellow color and the large flower size stand out in the garden.  Our best yellow we have produced, Big Yellow Doofus is a great garden flower and easily fertile both ways.


Big Yellow Doofus

BYD scape

Big Yellow Doofus Scape

BYD clump

Big Yellow Doofus clump


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