Arno’s Baby


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Arno’s Baby
Seedling 227-1 – 33″, 5.0″, M, Dormant, Diploid, 2 branches, 13 buds
(Emerald Starburst x (Our Friend Sally x Artificial Intelligence)) x Arno’s Bow Tie

Burgundy bicolor with lavender band around large green throat, and green sepals.  Arno’s Baby is similar in appearance to the award winning Arno’s Bow Tie but the green throat is larger and the burgundy petal color is a darker, richer color.  Including Emerald Starburst in the genetics adds another set of genes for large green throats.  Fertile both ways, we have seen excellent seedlings from Arno’s Baby.


Arno's Baby2

Arno’s Baby




Seedling 723-3 from Arno’s Baby


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