Kinsman Redeemer


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Kinsman Redeemer (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2021)

29”, 6.0”, EM, Dor., 4 branches, 20 buds, Tetraploid, Fragrant,

((((Forsyth Comanche x Michael Miller) x Heartbeat of Heaven) x Ancient of Days) x ((seedling x Heir to the Throne) x Year of Jubilee)

Going through the parentage of Kinsman Redeemer reminds us of how difficult it can be to produce a quality daylily.  It also reinforces how bridge plants that may lack the requirements for introduction can still produce an exceptional daylily.  We are pleased to introduce Kinsman Redeemer as a result of our hard work and continued focus on hardiness and excellent plant habit.  The genetics show a blend of pastels and deep purples with the result being a rich burgundy flower with lavender watermark and white ruffled edge.

In the garden, Kinsman Redeemer exhibits great versatility.  It has good substance so it can bloom well in full sun.  The scapes are tall and well budded so it will put on a great flower show for a long period of time.

As a breeder, Kinsman Redeemer is a reliable pod parent with fertile pollen as well.  We have seen some exceptional seedlings from Kinsman Redeemer and will continue to use it to provide good plant habit for our newest purple seedlings.

Kinsman Redeemer

Kinsman Redeemer seedling

Kinsman Redeemer Seedling


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