Cow of Bashan


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Cow of Bashan (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2021)

29”, 7”, EM, Dor., 3 branches, 12 buds, Diploid, Fragrant

(Search for Green Pastures x Martha Edson Norris)

Why the name “Cow of Bashan”?  The name came from the Bible verse in Amos 4:1 where wealthy women of Bashan (Samaria) reveled in opulence.  The flower Cow of Bashan also revels in opulence.  The large size (7”), wide ruffled petals, a rosy eye (lipstick), and a large green throat all make this flower a show off.  In addition to fabulous flowers, Cow of Bashan is easily fertile both ways and is consistent in appearance.  The parents of Cow of Bashan are our big green throated introduction Search for Green Pastures and the fine pink Martha Edson Norris which adds flat opening and large size.  As a parent, Cow of Bashan has produced large flowers in many colors including deep red.  We have enjoyed the unique flowers of Cow of Bashan for years and are pleased to be able to share it with other daylily enthusiasts.


Cow of Bashan

Cow of Bashan seedling


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