Benjamin Andrew


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Benjamin Andrew (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2021)

28”, 6”, M, Dor., 4 branches, 24 buds, Tetraploid, Rebloom

((Lydia’s Cloth x Born to Run) x (Lydia’s Cloth x Harold Steen))

Benjamin Andrew is one of the finest daylilies we have produced.  The rich burgundy color and large gold edge make for a beautiful flower.  Other great attributes include minimal blemishes, pod and pollen fertility, rebloom in our climate.  The parents of Benjamin Andrew include our great purple breeder – Lydia’s Cloth which contributes clear color and a lack of blemishes.  The big gold edge is likely due to our fabulous Harold Steen.  We are finding Benjamin Andrew to be a fine parent – passing on the big gold edge and clear colors.  It is easily fertile both ways!

Benjamin Andrew was delayed for introduction as it is slow to increase but we think this trait is great for gardeners as this flower does not need to be divided as often.  This unique flower is named for our grandson and is as special as he is.  Very limited and will be much sought after. Benjamin Andrew

Benjamin Andrew

Benjamin Andrew seedling



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