Pinewood Shiner


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Pinewood Shiner (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2021)

24”, 5.5”, EM, Dor., 3 branches, 15 buds, Tetraploid, Fragrant, Rebloom

(Adorned with Joy x Dovealicious) x Waldo Gone Wild

When Pinewood Shiner first bloomed in 2014, Phil saw it first and told Luel to come outside – “there is a wow flower blooming”.  That meant we had a unique flower that was able to stop us when walking around the new seedlings.  Over the years, we have watched Pinewood Shiner grow and bloom in the garden and it has been consistently beautiful.  The flowers continue to impress and we finally have enough to introduce.  What makes Pinewood Shiner unique is 1) great contrast from the cream petal color to the near black/purple eye and edge rimmed by cream and 2) the wide black/purple edges are also wonderfully ruffled.  The name “Shiner” came from the nearly black eye and we used our garden name for its final title.

In the garden, Pinewood Shiner is a prime candidate for the front of a garden bed as it is shorter than our typical introduction.  It will be a show off, so give it a prime position.  This year, we had rebloom on Pinewood Shiner with wonderful blooms in August and September.  Much like Lord of Life, Phil quit taking pictures of Pinewood Shiner as nearly every flower was photograph worthy.  That is a good trait and we are confident it will be a worthy Pinewood Garden introduction.

As a breeder, Pinewood Shiner brings some unique genetics (pollen parent Waldo Gone Wild has been a wonderful breeder for us but we are not aware of anyone else using it).  It is somewhat reluctant as a pod parent but we had good success using it as a pollen parent.

Pinewood ShinerPinewood Shiner


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