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Spring Weather

As we move into early summer, we have looked back at a wild spring weather.  It began in late March with a 15 inch snow storm followed by a cold spell.  The snow melted in April along with more than 8.5 inches of precipitation (rain and snow combined).  We had water standing in areas that never had water before.  The weather was also cool and windy.

May was cool but normal precipitation.  June started nice but we got into another rainy spell with 9.0 inches of rain from June 15 through June 23.  Another stretch of standing water in the yard.   The temperatures in that period were in the 60’s for high temperatures.  We refused to put the heat on in the house even though it was quite cool.  Daylilies are way behind in bloom season but the wet weather should make them grow well.  Below are pictures from April snow storms and the result of June rains:

June 23 flooded garden bed.

April 3 snow cover

April 19 snow