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Winter Hybridizing Plants

Each  year we have several plants from other hybridizers that we purchase for adding different genetics to our hybridizing program.  In the last 2 years we bought 6 – 10 plants each year for  hybridizing.  Some of the plants are:

Fringy, Shamrock Dew, Kings Solomon’s Treasure, Magical Marrakesh  – Stamile

Dovealicious and Force to be Reckoned With – Nicole Harry

Velvet Throne – Petit

Venus Fly Trap – Gossard

Kings Solomons Treasure – Holmes

Briar Patch – Grace

This winter, Magical Marrakesh, Shamrock Dew, and Dovealicious did well in the basement.  Briar Patch grew OK but was typically blotchy.  Velvet Throne was new this fall and did send up a scape – the first two flowers so far have been narrow without an edge.  I hope the flowers look better when the plant is bigger.  Below is a picture seedling 78-1, Magical Marrakesh, and 23-3.  The two seedlings are at least as nice as Magical Marrakesh. 

Just as I do not judge seedlings in the basement, the same is true for named cultivars.  Some plants struggle with the bloom cycle in the basement and don’t bloom in the basement or the following summer.  Some look different until the plants get larger and bloom outside.