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Seedling 57-3

Seedling 57-3 was one of the stars in the garden last summer.  The cross is Purify My Heart x (Where’s Waldo x Heavens Proclaim).  The pollen parent seedling had the bigger eye and edge of the two but 57-3 is much improved in flower form and dormant plant habit. 

Seedling 57-3

We used 57-3 heavily as a pollen parent in 2010 and it was in the last year of basement hybridizing as well.  Below are some of the nice seedlings we saw from it last summer. 

Seedling 2004-2 (Hawaiian Dancer x Lady Betty Fretz) x 57-3.  We like the bright color and double edge on this one.

Seedling 2007-1 – (Reagan Kate x Gavin Petit) x 57-3

Seedlings 221-7 and 221-9 are Rooted in Love x 57-3 and were shown on the October 31 blog post.  Overall, the quality of seedlings has been excellent.  The Purify My Heart breeding line has produced wonderful clear petal colors and 57-3 will be a 2014 introduction that continues this breeding line.