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Seedling 78-1 first bloomed in 2010 and immediately caught our eye with its clear color and flawless blooms.  The parents are Empty Tomb x Song of the Redeemed, both Pinewood Gardens introductions.  The flower reminiscent of SOTR but is dormant and has a better scape.  Size is not ideal with flowers measuring just over 5 inches.  The flower is shown below taken from summer 2012.

Seedling 78-1 – great color and flawless blooms are its best features.

We did some hybridizing with it in basement and saw the first seedlings bloom in 2012.  We were impressed with the clear colors and lack of blemishes on petals.  We do not like having to wait all season for the one spectacular flower that we have seen from some of the new introductions we purchased.  Consistent opening and blemish free flowers are what we expect on a large percentage of our flowers.  Seedling 78-1 and its offspring are showing us those traits.  Here are some of the seedlings from 2012:

Seedling 294-1 (30-3 x 78-1)

Seedling 299-4 (16-13 x 78-1)

Seedling 2002-1 (78-1 x 30-3)

The 3 above seedlings all have Lydia’s Cloth in the background which also reinforces the clear colors and infrequent blemishes.  We are growing seedling 78-1 for increase before we can introduce.