Flame of Anor


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Flame of Anor (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2021)

30”, 5.5”, M, Dor., 3 branches, 20 buds, Tetraploid,

Flame Passes On x Once and For All

Once and For All has proven to be a fine parent.  We crossed Once and For All onto our fiery red Flame Passes On with the result being our new introduction – Flame of Anor.  The name Flame of Anor comes from the Lord of the Rings scene where Gandalf confronts the Balrog on the bridge of Khazad-Dǔm.  In defying the Balrog, Gandalf claims to wield the Flame of Anor.  While the reference to the Flame of Anor is obscure, many equate the Flame of Anor to the Holy Spirit.

The color of Flame of Anor is hot red with a toothy gold edge on petals and sepals.  The most unique feature of this flower is the stippled coloring on both the petals and sepals.  This results in spots, streaks and other interesting markings on the petals without appearing like blemishes.  Another great feature is the consistent opening of the flowers despite the heavily ruffled toothy edge.

As a breeder, we have used Flame of Anor successfully with the toothy edge passed on to the offspring.  Those who are breeding for stippled flowers may find Flame of Anor an important flower.

Seedling 921-1 – Flame of Anor seedling



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