Cumulus Sky


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Cumulus Sky (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2020)

26”, 6”, ML, Dor., 4 branches, 20 buds, Tetraploid,

((Secret Ambition x ((August Wedding x Destined to See) x Spring of Living Water)) x ((Grace Like Rain x (Monterrey Jack x Clarification)) x Secret Ambition))

Pinewood Gardens has been breeding for lavender/blue eyes for more than 2 decades (yes that makes us old).  Over the years, we have discarded many flowers that had petals that were tan or muddy lavender colored.  By far the whitest and cleanest petal color of any of our cultivars is Cumulus Sky.  Named for a summer sky with puffy white clouds interrupted by patches of blue, this cultivar stands out in our garden when compared to others in the same color range.  If you look at the genetics of this cultivar, you will see the hard work and variety of genetics that were used to produce this flower.

We used Cumulus Sky in the garden this year as a front row plant and it did great with showy flowers that are consistently beautiful.  As a hybridizing plant, we have not used it as much as we should have early on as it blooms later than we typically hybridize.  We usually quit hybridizing around August 1 to make sure our pods ripen before the cool weather in September hits.  With Cumulus Sky being on the late side, its main bloom was typically into August.  However, the last two seasons, we made good use of Cumulus Sky and confirmed it is pod and pollen fertile.  We will see a good crop of seedlings from it in 2022.  Collection Only

Seedling 150-1 (seedling x Cumulus Sky)



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