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Seedling 4-2

Seedling 4-2 has been a garden favorite since it first bloomed in 2010.  Last year we saw clumps in the garden and our first seedlings from it.  It was great as a garden plant and as a parent.  See Heaven’s Throne post with all 4-2 seedlings.

Seedling 4-2 is from ((Northern Splendor x Shores of Time) x Heir to the Throne) x One Foundation.  With some great genetics in the background, we are not surprised at the results but it is a big step up from One Foundation.  As a parent, it provided a wide variety of colors all with great edges of white or gold.  We hope to have enough to introduce in 2014.  We compare this to the John Benz 2012 introduction Dragon Rising which has a similar look.  Dragon Rising is 22″, 5.5″ and evergreen while 4-2 is 30″, 6″, and dormant.  If Dragon Rising is a $300 plant, what should we charge for 4-2?  Check out these photos:

4-24-2 (2)

4-2 pictures above


211-2 – Ancient of Days x 4-2


210-7 – Blown Away x 4-2


262-2  (Rolling Stone x Ancient of Days) x 4-2


265-12 Lady Stephanie Victoria Redding x 4-2