Pinewood Limelight


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Pinewood Limelight – 24″, 7″, EM, No fragrance, Dormant, Diploid, 2 branches, 12 buds

(Arno’s Bow Tie x Emerald Starburst) x Rose F. Kennedy

This plant is all about the flower.  The huge green throat can be seen across the garden and seems almost electric.  The purple petal color and the dark purple band around the green throat.  The sepals also have a large green band on them.  The flowers are large and consistently beautiful.  Easily fertile both ways, the pods are very large.  The bud count does not exceed its famous pollen parent but compare pictures below and see the more dramatic color and larger green throat on petal and sepal.  This is our only diploid this year but it is a fabulous plant for the garden and an important hybridizing flower.


PW Limelight2

PW Limelight1

Pinewood Limelight


Seedling 702-1 (seedling x Pinewood Limelight)


Rose F. Kennedy




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