Midnight Watchman


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Midnight Watchman – 28″, 6″, M, No fragrance, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 24 buds

Marrakesh x ((Lydia’s Cloth x (Ancient of Days x Rolling Stone))

We purchased Marrakesh to add size and green edges to our dormant purple lines.  While the best plans do not always work, Midnight Watchman is the result of our plan that did work.  When we crossed Marrakesh with our dormant purple seedling, we got a larger flower with clear purple colors and a green/white edge.  In this case, the dormancy from our pollen parent was passed on and we have a hardy deep purple with greenish edge all on a large 6″ flower.  These flowers are fertile both ways and are striking in the garden.

Midnight Watchman3

Midnight Watchman2

Midnight Watchman from our garden in 2019


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