Living Stone


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Living Stone – 36″, 5.25″, ML, No fragrance, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 26 buds

Built on the Rock x All Things to All Men

Living Stone has an unusual color.  When we had to describe it for registration, we looked at several websites and came up with lavender rose as the best description.  This makes sense as the parents are our red Built on the Rock and Karol Emmerich’s lavender All Things to All Men.  The petal color is rich lavender rose with a lighter watermark.  The double edge features the lighter watermark color followed by a large cream edge.  The petals are seldom blemished and an improvement over the pollen parent.  This is another late season bloomer for us and extends the bloom season past mid-August for us.  The scapes are well proportioned with good height and bud count.  Easily fertile both ways – this is a great season extender for the garden.

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