Pinewood Flying Saucer


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Pinewood Flying Saucer (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2023)

35”, 7”, EM, Dor., 4 branches, 16 buds, Diploid,

Martha Edson Norris X ((Emerald Starburst x Kermit’s Scream) x (Search for Green Pastures x Nikki Schmith))

When we used Martha Edson Norris in our breeding program, we hoped for large size and flat form.  Pinewood Flying Saucer is the best of those seedlings.  The tall scapes and large flowers make a great show in the garden.

The flowers of Pinewood Flying Saucer are the largest diploid flowers we have introduced.  The substance is heavy and flowers standup well to heat and rain.

We initially had difficulty setting pods on Pinewood Flying Saucer but we had success recently and enjoyed seeing large flowers in a variety of colors.  Based on that we would call it moderately fertile but still worth the effort to get large round form with an oversized green throat.

Pinewood Flying Saucer


Pinewood Flying Saucer seedling 375-1


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