Green Ghost


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Green Ghost – 28″, 5″, EM, No fragrance, Dormant, Diploid, 4 branches, 23 buds

Parentage: ((Arno’s Bow Tie x Emerald Starburst) x (Search for Green Pastures x Cosmic Kaleidoscope))

Green Ghost has been a favorite from its initial bloom.  A unique flower, Green Ghost starts with a rose purple petal at the tip followed by a blue/lavender band around a large green throat.  The flower is enhance by a white edge.  The sepals are light rose and much lighter than the overall petal colors.  Even the stamens are complex with 2/3 of the filament bright green with a rose purple tip and black anthers.  The green throat and blue lavender band are a pleasing combination and one we continue to work on in our hybridizing.  The genetics are a fantastic blend of green and patterned genetics.  We have used Green Ghost extensively in hybridizing and have been rewarded with unique seedlings of many colors.


Green Ghost


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