Pool of Siloam


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Pool of Siloam – 33″, 6″, ML, no fragrance, Dormant, Tetraploid, 5 branches, 26 buds

Parentage: (Spring of Living Water x Healing Waters)

Pool of Siloam is the result of many years of breeding for dormant plants with clear petal colors.  The base color is a pleasing cream/white which contrasts nicely with the blue lavender eyezone.  The eye is rimmed by violet and the violet and blue lavender colors are repeated on the petal edge.  The petal tips typically have white hooks that adds to the flower look but never causes a problem for the flower opening.  The pattern on the sepals finishes the overall appearance.  With good height and bud count, this is a great flower in the garden.  For hybridizing, Pool of Siloam (fertile both ways) brings dormant genetics and clear petal colors to the quest for blue eyes.



Pool of Siloam


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