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Pinewood Shiner

Pinewood Shiner first bloomed in 2014. It was striking and stood out as a potential introduction from its first bloom. Over the next 6 years, we found it to be a moderate grower with average statistics. It was hardy in our garden but not as vigorous as some other daylilies. That is one reason it took longer to grow enough stock for introduction. What never changed was the striking appearance with the dramatic eye and edge. It was a standout in the garden in 2020 and showed rebloom on many plants.

Pinewood Shiner

The pod parent of Pinewood Shiner was seedling 135-1. This seedling was a cross of our dormant Adorned with Joy and Nicole Harry’s Dovealicous. Seedling 135-1 never made it to introduction but was a parent of Pinewood Shiner.

Adorned with Joy

The pollen parent of Pinewood Shiner was Waldo Gone Wild. Named after our mini Schnauzer Waldo, Waldo Gone Wild proved to be a fine parent.

Waldo Gone Wild

We think Pinewood Shiner is a dramatic jump in flower quality over the parents and good blooms of Pinewood Shiner standout in the garden. It is a little on the short side, so we recommend planting it in the front of the garden beds.

Pinewood Shiner