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Ransom Paid

Ransom Paid

Due to being stuck at home, I was prodded to update my blog on our website after several years on inactivity. I am starting with Ransom Paid. This flower was introduced in 2017 and is a cross of our Rooted in Love x Waldo Gone Wild. We loved the great contrast of petal and eye/edge and the plant proved to be hardy and worthy of introduction. As a parent, we will have at least three introductions from it.

Wild About You is a 2018 introduction with Ransom Paid crossed onto a New Paradigm seedling. This is a larger flower that is eye catching in the garden. This is an early bloomer as are most of the New Paradigm kids.

Wild About You

In 2020, we introduced Ransom for Many. This is also a Ransom Paid x New Paradigm seedling cross. While this flower also has a large eye and edge, the edge is in three colors – purple to match the eye, lavender, then a good toothy edge. This fancy flower is also proving to be a good parent.

Ransom for Many

In 2021, we intend to introduce a third Ransom Paid kid not named yet. This is a dramatic flower with a large eye and edge than Ransom Paid. This is seedling 543-3 and it is proving to be a good parent.

Seedling 543-3 – 2021 introduction

When 543-3 was crossed to our Healing Waters, seedling 819-2 resulted and is spectacular. All the plants shown are dormant and hardy in our zone 4 climate which should be valuable to gardeners and breeders in northern climates.

Seedling 819-2