Trash Panda


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Trash Panda (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2023)

36”, 6.5”, EM, Dor., 4 branches, 16 buds, Diploid,

(Arno’s Bow Tie x (Emerald Starburst x Kermit’s Scream)) X ((Emerald Starburst x Kermit’s Scream) x (Search for Green Pastures x Nikki Schmith))

Time for raccoons to get some love.  We like the name and the dark eye around the green throat gave us the idea of Trash Panda.  Besides a fun name, Trash Panda is a fun flower with consistently beautiful blooms.

Each Trash Panda flower is a complex blend of green and burgundy with dark streaks going into the green eye.  The tall scapes display the flowers well and are typically blemish free.  It has increased well and like all our introductions this year, has hardy dormant foliage.

As a breeder, Trash Panda is easily fertile both ways.  We have seen some outstanding seedlings the last 3 years with Trash Panda as the pod parent.  It passes on the large green throat and dark band around the throat.  Several seedlings display pronounced dark streaks leading into the throat.

Trash Panda


Trash Panda seedling 112-3


Trash Panda seedling 320-3


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