Sweet Repeat


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Sweet Repeat – 29″, 5.75″, M, no fragrance, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 20 buds, instant rebloom

Parentage: (Sugar in the Morning x (((Belle Cook x Eternal Glory) x Pinewood Easter Morning) x Adelyn Marie))

Traditional rebloom is not an important feature in our northern climate.  For flowers that bloom from mid July through mid August, having a second bloom season beginning in late August results in flowers that get stunted and refuse to open due to the cool nights of September.  However, if we can get instant rebloom through multiple scapes per fan, then we can get a longer bloom season but still have the mid-summer warmth allow the flowers to perform well.  Sweet Repeat blooms in mid season but the mature fans will get a second and even a third scape while the first scape is in bloom.  Even without the multiple scapes per fan, the flowers are delightful with a huge edge featuring teeth, loops, and ruffles.  Mature clumps will be covered with flowers as the picture below shows 19 perfect flowers open.  This is a great northern flower but it should perform well all across the northern regions of our country.  Fertile both ways, Sweet Repeat will add great plant habit to any hybridizing program.


Sweet Repeat


Sweet Repeat1


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