Smooth and Creamy


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Smooth and Creamy – 33″, 5.75″, M, Fragrant, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 35 buds

Parentage: ((Pinewood Easter Morning x Blown Away) x (Northern Treasure x Fringy))

We typically do not use daylily names that associate with food or shaving cream, but Smooth and Creamy just seemed like the perfect name for this flower.  The overall color is creamy pink, the petal texture is smooth, the wide ruffles are loose and cream colored.  Everything about the flower is soft, smooth and creamy.  In the garden, the plants are robust with big scapes carrying plentiful buds.  Its genetics carry some of our best hardy pastels and the Fringy parentage shows up in teeth on some of the blooms.  It will make great seedlings for the hybridizer.


Smooth and Creamy


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