Robe of Righteousness


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Robe of Righteousness – 35″, 6″, ML, No fragrance, Dormant, Tetraploid, 4 branches, 26 buds

[(((Spacecoast Fancy Dancer x Enchanted April) x (Spacecoast Fancy Dancer x Dawn in Lorien)) x (Garnet Jewel x Heartbeat of Heaven)) x Harold Steen] x (Lydia’s Cloth x Gnashing of Teeth)

I had to work hard to go back through the parentage of this outstanding cultivar.  The pod parent out of Harold Steen brought a unique rose color with a big gold edge while the pollen parent brought rich purple color and white teeth.  The result is a rich wine colored flower and an edge that is wavy with tight ruffles in a gold/green color.  While the petal color and edge make this a unique flower, the hardiness and scape make this a special daylily.  Fertile both ways, we collected a good number of pods this year even though it is a late bloomer for us.  Very limited, this is an exciting flower for us.




Robe of Righteousness



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