Pinewood Tree of Life


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Pinewood Tree of Life (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2022)

33”, 7”, M, Dor., 5 branches, 32 buds, Tetraploid,

(Lydia’s Cloth x Coronation Day) x Servant to All


What a joy Pinewood Tree of Life was in the garden in 2022.  We ended up taking 25 photographs of individual flowers that were near perfect for photos and could have taken more.  It seemed every day we had multiple flowers that were a marvel to look at.  Our garden name for it from several years ago was “the tree” for its massive scape but there is much more to this flower than a heavy scape.

Daylily characteristics that we value are:

  • Dormant and hardy in our climate
  • Good scape height
  • Good branching and bud count (more than 4 laterals, 20 buds)
  • Large flower size
  • Heavy texture to stand up to rain and heat
  • Minimal blemishes on dark flowers
  • Good opener
  • Sturdy scapes that do not flop
  • Pod and pollen fertile

Pinewood Tree of Life rates at the top of the scale for all the above characteristics.  The only negative for us is the slow rate of increase as we have relatively few plants to sell.

What is so great about a purple daylily with a gold edge?  The garden presence of Pinewood Tree of Life is difficult to show on a photo but the tall scapes displaying perfectly formed 7 inch dark burgundy flowers with a bubbly white/gold edge is fun to see.  Because the flowers hold up well to rain and heat, it is best to dead head them to have the next day’s flowers show well.

As a breeder, we have some seedlings we are evaluating with Pinewood Tree of Life as a parent.  As a slow grower, we did not use it much for hybridizing until the last two years.  In 2021, we made over 130 seeds from it and should have a similar number this year.  We will have a lot of seedlings blooming from Pinewood Tree of Life in 2023 and 2024.

In the spring of 2022, we lined out Pinewood Tree of Life in single fans.  The fans are now big with all of them having a fine scape but most have not multiplied.  We will be selling the plants next spring as they were lined out so some may be large single fans.  Because it is slow to multiply, we have less plants than typical for a premiere introduction but after 6 bloom seasons, we want to get this fine plant out for others to enjoy.

The name corresponds to the biblical tree of life mentioned in Genesis chapter 2 (in the garden of Eden) and in Revelation chapter 22 (in the heavenly city).

Pinewood Tree of Life

Pinewood Tree of Life

Pinewood Tree of Life Seedling



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