Water Strider


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Water Strider (Korth-P., – Korth-L.; 2022)

32”, 6.5”, EM, Dor., 5 branches, 25 buds, Diploid,

Pinewood Lily Pad x ((Emerald Starburst x Kermit’s Scream) x (Search for Green Pastures x Nikki Schmith))

We chose the name Water Strider as a complement to the pod parent, our wonderful Pinewood Lily Pad.  If you visit a patch of lily pads in a lake or pond, you are likely to see the common insect called a water strider as it skates across the water.

While the daylily Water Strider has 6 flower parts like the 6 legs of the insect, they look nothing alike and we are glad for that.  The petals are clear red with a purple band around the throat.  However, the huge bright green throat dominates the flower appearance especially when the flower parts roll back.

Water Strider is a wonderful garden plant with big flowers, bright green colors and excellent scapes.  In addition, it is pod and pollen fertile and with the wide mix of genetics in the background, it will be an excellent hybridizing plant.

Water Strider

Water Strider



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