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First Post

The Pinewood Gardens blog is to provide updated news about Pinewood Gardens and explore other subjects related to daylilies.  This is the initial entry so I hope the information will become better as we get used to writing blog posts.

Here in late February, we are having peak bloom in the basement.   This year we cut back on basement plants because we are now able to make many thousands of seeds outside in summer.  We have about 45 plants and are setting some pods and collecting a lot of pollen to use next summer.   One of the 2010 seedlings we brought in to hybridize with is seedling 58-1 shown below.  The parentage on this one is [(Celebration of Angels x Delaware Doosy) x (Unending Melody x Inner Destiny)] x Blue Hippo.  The pollen parent was a lavender eyed seedling with a double dose of T. Lavender Blue Baby through Delaware Doosy and Unending Melody.  Seedling 58-1 has a much large edge than either parent.  It had a nice scape in basement so we hope it will perform well in garden.