Hailey Annabelle


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Seedling 184-1 – 27”, 6.5, ML, Dormant, Tetraploid, 5 branches, 34 buds

(Heir to the Throne x Heartbeat of Heaven) x (Heartbeat of Heaven x Song of the Redeemed)

Named for our newest granddaughter so you know this is special.  We have grown many southern evergreens in the same color range as Hailey Annabelle and they have had problems both opening in our cool summers and surviving our nasty winters.  Hailey Annabelle excels at both and is a great northern daylily with that “southern” look.  The big chartreuse edge is matched in the throat.  The tip of the edge is notched and does not hang up unlike many of the southern evergreens here that would not open.  Beautiful flower and great performer here – fertile both ways.


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