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Welcome to our 2018 Website

Pinewood Gardens is the daylily garden of Phil and Luella Korth. We are located in northeast Wisconsin in a zone 4 climate. Pinewood Gardens is a licensed nursery specializing in hardy northern daylilies. Our daylilies have to survive winters down to -20 degrees often with little snow. We also have cold spring weather, late frosts and cool summer nights. Only a few daylilies thrive in our climate.

We have been hybridizing tetraploid daylilies for 20 and diploid daylilies for 15 years. Our goal is to develop high performance daylilies for northern gardens. The key characteristics that are important to us are: hardiness, consistent opening and beautiful faces.

For 2018, we have 14 new introductions for sale. With our focus on hardiness, we are pleased to offer all 14 introductions as hardy, dormant plants. Due to our short growing season, we cannot grow our plants quickly to produce large numbers of each cultivar. As a result, our new introductions are very limited in number and in most years, our most popular plants sell out quickly. Please order early to make sure you can obtain the plants you want.

Our new introductions will generally be double fans unless some tetraploid cultivars are sold as bloom size single fans. All new diploid cultivars will be sold as double fans.  Older cultivars will be double fans unless listed otherwise. Please note that some cultivars are only available through collections.

We thank our customers for the support over the years and welcome hearing from you or pay us a visit.

1861 Pinewood Trail
Suamico, WI 54173


Thanks for visiting our site and happy gardening!